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Condemned Labz Locked Down

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Condemned Labz Locked Down is the ultimate hydration and performance insurance your mind and muscles need to run 100% no matter the situation.

Hydration is an essential, yet underemphasized, component to optimal performance, recovery, and muscle growth. Even as little as a 2% drop in hydration levels can accelerate the onset of fatigue, reduce muscle function, and impair cognitive function. To further complicate matters, consider this — if you’re training hard day in and day out, you’re most likely sweating buckets, and with that goes valuable water and electrolytes. Failure to replenish these vital nutrients is the perfect prescription for cramping, fatigue, and a whole lot worse.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you do everything in your power to lock down your hydration levels and ensure your performance never falls off.

Condemned Labz Locked Down is the ultimate hydration and performance insurance your mind and muscles need to run 100% no matter the situation.

What is Locked Down?

Locked Down is the consummate cell volumization and hydration supplement the supports athletic performance and combats the onset of fatigue. Condemned Labz has included a trio of proven cell volumizers, led off the by king of bodybuilding supplements — creatine monohydrate. Locked Down provides a full 5 gram serving of the true form of creatine in every serving.

Also included is taurine, a conditionally essential amino acid that regulates water and mineral salts (sodium, potassium, magnesium) in the blood preventing muscle cramping. You’ll also get a whopping dose of HydroMax for better hydration and some pretty sweet “water-based” pumps as well.

Best of all, Locked Down seamlessly mixes into either Convict Stim or Confined without affecting the flavor, and can actually improve the taste and texture of whatever supplement you use.

Locked Down Key Ingredients

Creatine Monohydrate (5,000mg) – Quite simple the most effective bodybuilding and performance-enhancing supplement of all time. Creatine monohydrate is a natural osmolyte that encourages cellular hydration and improves athletic performance, strength, power, and lean mass gains due to its ability to enhance ATP production in the body.

GlycerSize® (3,000mg) – a patented, high-yield form of glycerol that contains 65% glycerol by max. GlycerSize is the premier form of glycerol supplement on the market that increases stamina and endurance while protecting against dehydration.

L-Taurine (1,000mg) – a conditionally essential amino acid found extensively in the brain, heart, and skeletal muscles. Taurine is another natural osmolyte that supports hydration and exercise endurance. It also combats mental fatigue induced by stress (i.e. heavy ass weight lifting)!


Directions: As a dietary supplement, mix 1 serving (1 scoop) with 8-10 oz. of cold water 30 minutes prior to training.

Customer Reviews

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Joseph C.
Best supplement company around

I had placed an order with this company I paid for two day delivery and a holiday came up. I needed it right away even though they did not ship on holidays they did. I got the package probably even gave me some free, lifting straps, but the issue was when I got the package they gave me the wrong item so they sent me the right item and did not charge me for it. Also letting me keep the original item that was sent.

If you guys want a really good company that stands by what they say, and make sure the customers happy no matter what buy all your supplements here I will not go anywhere else

jesus m.

The best products no cappp

Gurpreet G.

Condemned Labz Locked Down

Thomas C.
Great product.

This is a great product. It does what it says it'll do.

MIchelle M.
Everything was great

Best service and great customer service. We received our order quick all the way to Yokota AB Japan